Our Story

Quitting the Family business to start his own company.


Chris Chaloff, the owner of CMC Systems, Inc. has been working in the Audio/Video field for 40 years.

He started working for his father in 1980 in Newton MA. Holding the vacuum, cutting up empty boxes and cleaning up after his father, all while watching and observing how the AV business worked. Until one day, Chris realized customer service wasn't the main priority of his fathers business. As hard as it was to break off from his father, Chris decided to quit and start his own company, recruiting his girlfriend Deborah, starting from scratch.

Chris and Deborah soon after, got married and had kids

With two kids, and another on the way, Chris didn't have any other option but to work as hard as he could to support the whole family.

They started with just one client, working out of their basement, with no resources or assistance, just great customer service and persistence.


Struggling day by day, living paycheck to paycheck, no idea if this business would one day, become successful.


Now today, Chris Chaloff has spent the last 40 years mastering his skill in the audio & video field, tackling almost every situation you can think of. With our full established store front (Showing by appointment) we are eager to fulfill any need you might have.


 Visit us In-Store Monday-Friday  |  117 Chapel Street, Needham, MA  |  Showroom by Appointment

Cell: 1.617.322.4485  |  Email:  chris@cmcsystems.net


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